Kathleen Pierson Video Work Samples:
Live Improvisations From Dance Classes,
and Composition For Choreography

(QuickTime player can be downloaded for free here)

Set One: Five Current Examples from Class and Choreography

Spring 2011, Warm-up, swings:
example of live improvised guitar/vocal

Modern III (first-year majors). For general warm-ups such as this, Monday's mood might have been "percussion and voice," Wednesday's "piano," and this particular Friday, guitar and voice, emphasizing the swinging quality of the movement.

Long Sequence "On Their Own Timing," Spring 2011
example of live improvised
meter-obscured piano and voice

Modern III (first-year majors). Given a sequence of varied movements, asked to work in ensemble but in their own individually-sensed timing, supported by endlessly rolling piano and "floating" voice, no "counts." Second group enters as first group is ending, continuous flow.

Fall 2010, Across The Floor:
example of live improvised
percussive piano

Modern III (first-year majors), just learning this phrase, in one of the semester's first classes. The musical choice is syncopated 4/4 percussive piano to encourage big movement and unison effect.

Fall 2010, Adagio:
example of live improvised
piano/drum/vocal all at once

Modern V, soundscape of piano chords (sustained with pedal, to free hands) and "fill" drumming (djembe is in its stand right beside the piano bench), with vocal line to add sustain and vary the flavor. Students were encouraged to "make it their own."

Faculty Choreography:
example of music composed/ performed for faculty choreography, prerecorded electronic with four singer/percussionists added live for the performances

Brief excerpts from each of the four sections of Lauren Kearns "Akasha," with pre-recorded loops and (too far downstage to appear on camera) four singers with one djembe and four handmade
"chain sticks" to be rattled or struck.
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To continue to Set Two, more video examples (from 2007),
including shifting meters, "found object" percussion, and a brief example from ballet class,