Kathleen Pierson Video Work Samples:
Live Improvisations From Dance Classes,
and Composition For Choreography

(QuickTime player can be downloaded for free here)

Set Two: Work Samples From 2007,
with Kathleen's "first person" voiceover narration

Modern, Across The Floor:
example of live improvised piano
12 12 8 8 phrase

2007 Modern, piano to match phrasing and emphasize energetic "unison warkers" character of the movement.

Modern, Floor Warm-up, and Standing 4/4 with 2-count transitions becomes 3/4:
example of live improvised drumming and seamless shifts in meter and accent

2007 Modern, drumming to support unison movement, individualized work, and meter change.

Modern, Five 3's Across The Floor:
example of live improvised piano

2007 Modern, supporting the phrase as a broad five.

Modern, Foot Articulations:
example of live improvised drum and other percussion

2007 Modern, percussion to quietly support attention to detail in foot articulations, varied with "found object" sounds.

Modern, Hawkins Floorwork:
example of live improvised piano/vocal/drum all at once

2007 Modern, having piano and drum and voice "at the ready," to follow an unbroken succession of varying floor exercises that might continue for twenty or thirty minutes.

Ballet, brief barre and allegro:
example of live improvised piano for ballet

2007 Ballet, traditional ballet class exercises.

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