Kathleen Pierson Video Work Samples:
Live Improvisations From Dance Classes,
and Composition For Choreography

(QuickTime player can be downloaded for free here)

Set Three: Examples of Compositions from 2009
not specifically created "for dance,"
but in two genres Kathleen hopes to use in future
for someone's choreography

example of singer/ songwriter composing, guitar and vocal, with cello

Kathleen with cellist Aaron Coffin 2009. Kathleen's songs, cello works, and other chamber compositions have been utilized by choreographers and heard with dance performances in Europe, in Asia, and in NYC, the Midwest, and the Mid-Atlantic. Contact her to discuss music possibilities for your choreography.

example of choral composing, which Kathleen would like the chance to do

Excerpts from the 2009 Asheville premiere of Kathleen's 15-minute commissioned choral composition "Homeland Suite." Kathleen is specifically interested in a situation where she could compose a choral work for choreography. If you have ideas how to make such a project possible, contact her at kashainwords -at- gmail -dot com.