Examples of Kathleen's Music

(mp3 audio) "July" for Piano and Cello, an example of acoustic intrumentation for choreography. It part of a triptych of chamber pieces used by DanceDetroit on their Asian Tour, also used by Dana J. Martin, and by Kathleen for her own choregraphy. Performers: Kathleen Pierson, piano and a little voice; David Shumway, cello. Recorded direct to 2-track "live" in the studio.

"Desert Night" is an example of electronic composition for Dana J. Martin's modern dance choreography. It was performed by three different casts in three different seasons, and a Baltimore dance reviewer wrote: "a wonderfully atmospheric paean to open spaces. Ms. Martin focused her vision alongside that of composer Kathleen Pierson. The result was fresh and appealing." It was realized by Kathleen using the Korg M1 synthesizer. (pictured at right)
Listen to the opening moments of (mp3 audio) "Desert Night"
Listen to the closing moments of (mp3 audio) "Desert Night"

(mp3 audio) "I Took That Risk" is an example of electronic composition with text, and was performed by Kathleen in places such as Baltimore's Bauhouse (pictured at left, 1990).

(mp3 audio) "Tatters and Rags" is an example of Kathleen in her singer/songwriter style with guitar.
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